For more than 100 years, Andros, a family company nestled in the heart of France has been working to make fruit more accessible to everyone. By selecting the best quality and tastiest fruit, Andros can create products without any preservatives, flavourings or artificial ingredients.

Andros believes that everyone should enjoy delicious products. This is why our yoghurts and desserts are naturally dairy free alternatives that are made with either creamy coconut or almond milk bursting with pieces of fruit. The rich coconut milk in our yoghurts and smooth almond milk in our desserts, offer a luxuriously creamy plant-based alternative that is so delicious and creamy that dairy free doesn’t feel like a compromise.

Because they only contain juicy and ripe fruits, more than 50% coconut milk and no artificial flavourings or preservatives, Andros yoghurts are the perfect everyday pleasure. Also low in fat* and a good source of calcium, these little pots of deliciousness are great for breakfast or an afternoon snack, whilst helping you with the feel good factor.

*Strawberry Yoghurt and Peach Yoghurt both contain less than 3% of fat

All Andros products are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet. They have been certified by the V-Label, a reference label in the European Union that is registered in the UK and 27 other countries. This means that products are made without any animal or parts of animals and that none of the production/transformation steps uses animal or parts of animals. Also, all of our products are lactose free and gluten free.